Metta ou Mettanoia

Da argentina vem Federico Martignoni com Metta, ex Mettanoia. Como o próprio afirma em seu release: não se categoriza em gêneros como Hi-tech, Forest ou Dark Psy; ele quebra cada fórmula e padrão musical que conhecemos transformando no Metta.

“In Love” é o terceiro de sete álbuns do contexto “Psychedelic Play”. Sim! O cara escreve uma espécie de peça psicodélica em que conta o enredo através dos sons que produz pela Yo Soy Records. Segundo ele mesmo, teve essa “visão” oito anos atrás quando começou a traçar o caminho do autoconhecimento. A seguir o depoimento retirado do na íntegra em que Federico explica todo o conceito por detrás do Metta/Mettanoia, suas intenções e vai além, muito além:

Act one and Act two were already released on Ektoplazm, The following 2 acts are already writen and produced but waiting for some last details and mastering. as for the last 3 acts, those will be created in some no so distant but not that inmediate future, and not by Mettanoia, but by Mettatron.

I had this complete vision 8 years ago and started to walk the path of my own healing and self discovery, and with the years i found that as i discovered more and more of me each year, the music was showing me the way, in the form of pure channeling i just kept producing to find out that the whole play was the sonic diary  of my inner journey. After 8 years of seeking for my own truth, going trough vast experiences with psychedelics, entheogenixs, pachamama ancient medicines, and many ways of aproaching the spirit of gaia, father sun and myself, i found everything i was looking for when i stop looking for it, everything was clear when i spent 21 days without eating nor doing anything that i used to do everyday of my life, just there feeling the present in all its magnificence, then all the chaotic visions i got in the past 8 years paused still in front of me, so i could read everything the universe was telling me, i discovered my true mission, and i quit producing music, at least for a while, i will wait some years and then come back as Mettatron, only after i, with the help of more loving human beings and angels, manage to build a place where living free and happy and surrounded by unconditional love is possible. only then mettatron, the psytrance archangel will be born, to deliver pure mathmaticals  healing frequencies to your heart.

A sonic play divided in 3 major parts: Denial, Inflexion, and Acceptance. 

DENIAL> The first 3 acts reflects the birth of mettanoia as a psytrance project, desperately trying to be different, breaking all formulas and patterns, keeping away from all known genres, and fighting for it own uniqueness, even when this meant an obstacle to get inside the night trance net of labels and producers. The main subject here is the end of the world, the obscure part of being an earthling, the dark side of our brain., and finally the search for love as a way to change the world.

INFLEXION> this one act marks the inflection point where mettanoia discover that there is a way to be part of the whole and it is necessary to dissolve one’s ego in order to do that, just like a drop of rain will finally end in the ocean.

ACCEPTANCE> the 3 final acts of the play, in production right now, a new way is found, acceptance is the final part of this play, where Mettanoia seeks to finalize his work in night trance, becoming one with the genre, melting its own musical identity which took four years to grow in the infinite ocean of night trance, with the clear intention to show that night does not mean dark.

As batidas são aceleradas em ambiências variadas (“Life Is A Happy Song”) e estruturas caóticas (“Random Chakras”). Não é a toa que Glosolalia e Tyamat participam do disco.

Não bastasse, Federico também tem o Godha – projeto audiovisual complementar ao Metta que funde Goa Trance ao Full On Morning. Total imersão!

No site oficial do Mettanoia (ainda ativo) você poderá conferir os sons e baixar alguma coisa disponível gratuitamente.
Muito bom!

Foto: divulgação do artista.


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